Artion is a system that assists the management of traditional art auctions. We want our Customers to be able to expand into new markets. Due to video streaming, you can run your art auction in many locations simultaneously. Managing the same auction in Warszawa or Wrocław is not a problem anymore. Your customers can bid in the most convenient way, in remote locations, through a web browser.

Your customers can bid in the most convenient way, in remote locations, through a web browser.

Easy to use

Our system is intuitive for auction house staff as well as for end-users. The system is not problematic for customers who are unfamiliar with the technology.

In every place

Participating in a traditional art auction is a unique experience. Standard Internet auctions do not capture the emotions of auctions. Thanks to video-streaming you can give your customers the emotions that accompany auctions.


Our services include three basic elements.

  1. Artion Aukcje auction module – the technology for managing art auctions
  2. Artion Komis consignment module – the technology for managing the Auction House.
  3. Art marketplace enabling you to promote and direct auctions to completely new customer groups.


Your customers can participate in auctions using a web browser from any location in the world.
Convenient participation in auctions whether you are at home or traveling.
Your customers can get the full experience of auctions from any place on Earth.
consignment management system of an auction house.
Artion marketplace will allow you to reach completely new groups of customers.

How it works?

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Step 1

Preparing an auction catalog, choosing auction’s parameters.

Step 2

Accepting the people who are willing to participate in the auction.

Step 3

Auction, one delegated person manages the system.

Step 4

Access to new markets and groups of customers.


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